Located in the heart of San Francisco and nestled between the colorful shops of Japantown, Playground is proud to be distinguished as the only full service restaurant, bar, plus private karaoke combination in the city since opening its doors in 2007.

Playground tries to create a relaxed and "playful" environment, where customers can dine, share a carafe of soju and belt a tune in one of the three exclusive karaoke rooms.

The extensive menu consists of traditional home-style South Korean cuisine, while introducing an innovative twist to delicacies popularized by cart vendors found along the bustling streets of South Korea. Executive Chef Lee, having led a prominent bunch of notable Chinese and Korean fusion eateries over a span of 15 years, portrays a bold blend of Korean comfort soul food and Chinese inspired flavors in his dishes. Playground also offers a full bar, featuring a vast selection of premium liquor and leading Korean alcohol, including soju - a widely sought out Korean rice wine distilled in unique ways and an abundance of flavors.

Playground provides a versatile space that offers flexible dining experiences and event options for all occasions. The dining hall can accommodate groups of many sizes and our secluded VIP karaoke booths can hold anywhere between 6 to 50 guests.

Please refer to our events and reservation links and book your next dinner or social function at Playground today! We look forward to serving you.